A highly potent dual mechanism 3CL protease inhibitor and CCR5 Antagonist as a COVID-19 pharmaceutical with anti-cytokine properties for Hospitalized Patients and Long COVID

Phase 2 Clinical Stage 3CL Protease Inhibitor and CCR5 Antagonist for Hospitalized Patients and Long COVID

Tollovir designed as a ‘dual action’ anti-viral/anti-cytokine solution for hospitalized patients – an area of high unmet medical need.

Todos is currently supporting randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trials managed by JV partner NLC Pharma in Israel. Tollovir is the result of over 15 years of development and an investment of over $18M to date.


How It Works:

Inhibits the 3CL Protease responsible for driving viral replication
Inhibits the cytokine storm and helps to normalizes immune function

The combination of these two key compounds positively impacted hospitalized patients during Phase 2 Trial with viral and cytokine pathology.

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