3CL Protease Inhibitor Tollovid™

A once-a-day, natural way for immune support

Todos has acquired exclusive distribution rights to the dietary supplement Tollovid™

Tollovid is a powerful proprietary blend of plant extracts that help support healthy immune function for today's challenges.

TODOS and NLC Pharmas Ltd. are committed to providing high-quality dietary supplement products to consumers. The production of the Tollovid™ dietary supplement follows cGMP and relevant legal requirements. 

NLC Pharmas Ltd. has obtained a Certificate of Free Sale from the US FDA (FDA ID: WCX7-C2MA), which requires adhering to certain legal requirements. NLC Pharmas, Ltd. is solely responsible for any sales in Asia and compliance with laws in Asia.

The Tollovid™ branded dietary supplement contains a proprietary Gromwell root extract. The three currently circulating Tollovid™ products under different packaging contain the same "3CL protease inhibitor" product extracted from Gromwell root and suitable for use at home.

Warning: Regulated by FDA, as a dietary supplement: Tollovid™ is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Scientifically Studied


Traceable Ingredients 


Vegan Friendly


Made in the USA

Give your body the chance to defend itself.

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