R&D Pipeline: Proprietary Diagnostics

Breakthroughs Coming in the R&D Pipeline

Blood based tests are the future of diagnostics screening. Our TBIA platform represents a cost effective, scalable, and patient friendly screening method for cancer detection.

Marker Expected US Commercial Status RUO IUO CE CLIA US FDA
Videssa™ Breast / Breast Cancer (Rule-out Only) Commercial-stage Now          
LymPro™ Test / Alzheimer’s disease 6-12 months          
TolloTest™ / COVID-19 viral monitoring 3-6 months          
TM-B2 / Breast cancer(Dense Breast) 12-24 months          
TM-B1 / Breast cancer(All Breast Types) 24-36 months          
TM-C1 / Colorectal cancer 24-36 months          
Videssa® Breast
A cancer blood test designed specifically for the early detection of breast cancer in women with abnormal imaging findings
Validated blood-based assay for differentiating between non-AD Dementia / Prodromal AD / MCI / Alzheimer’s Disease
Diagnostic coronavirus test that measures 3CL protease from upper respiratory samples
TBIA Platform
An AI Platform reading the Immune Response to Cancer

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