LymPro™: Alzheimer's Blood Test

The High Potential of Measuring Lymphocyte Proliferation

The Lymphocyte Proliferation (LymPro) Test™ measures the immune proliferative response of white blood cells to mitogenic stimulation. Based on differences observed in the response of cells from patients with Alzheimer’s disease as compared with age-matched controls and patients with other dementias, it appears that the test has high potential as an adjunctive diagnostic for Alzheimer’s disease. Deployment includes initial IUO testing followed by full diagnostic testing for patients with MCI and dementia for differential diagnosis.

5.2 million

Americans have Alzheimer's Disease

1 in 9

Americans over 65 have Alzheimer's


new Alzheimer's diagnoses every year

$1.2 trillion

projected market value by 2050

Latest Clinical Trial Results


Clinical Study Published in Neurobiology of Aging

• 91% PPV and 92% NPV


7-Year Follow-up Chart Review Study Presented at AAIC

• Follow-up analyses resulted in original LymProscores closely correlating with ultimate diagnosis


LP-202 Clinical Study Data Presented at AAIC

• 72% correlation with clinical diagnosis
• Need for correlation with amyloid PET
(new gold standard)


LymPro vs. Amyloid PET

• Strong correlation with amyloid PET imaging
(p = 0.000002, r = 0.85)

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