Case Study: Lab Automation

Watch how Todos Medical is partnering with Meadowlands Diagnostics to implement an automated solution to maximize processing capacity to 6,000 PCR tests per day.

A One-Stop Shop for All Covid Testing Needs

We took on the daunting task of commercializing a new lab-testing business with uncertain international supply chains and stiff competition. From that business reality, we were able to carve out a valuable niche–providing labs with comprehensive lab-based COVID testing solutions that are able to scale to meet the requirements of local, state and federal contracting demands quickly.



Our Value Model

Our focus on automation has created a commercial infrastructure able to deploy integrated solutions for labs looking to scale lab services for their core clients. We typically target underutilized or small-to-medium complexity labs, acting as their supplier and procurement backer in order to get them up and running in a reasonable timeframe. 

The Solution

Automating Small-to-Medium Labs to Increase Testing Capacity

As the testing paradigm begins to shift toward serial testing programs to reopen economies, it will be essential for labs to move to automation of their PCR testing processes in order to improve efficiency and scale.

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