Todos Medical has collected over 1,000 individual blood samples in several clinical trials at the Wolfson Medical Center (Holon, Israel), Rabin Medical Center (Petach Tikva, Israel), Ichilov Medical center (Tel Aviv, Israel) and in the Ukraine. Together with its clinical partners, the company is currently planning validation trials for the TBIA platform

A novel method for screening colorectal cancer by infrared spectroscopy of peripheral blood mononuclear cells and plasma

Eyal Barlev, Udi Zelig, Omri Bar, Cheli Segev, Shaul Mordechai, Joseph Kapelushnik, Ilana Nathan, Felix Flomen, Hanoch Kashtan, Ram Dickman, June 2015

Early detection of breast cancer using total biochemical analysis of peripheral blood components: a preliminary study

Udi Zelig, Eyal Barlev, Omri Bar, Itai Gross, Felix Flomen, Shaul Mordechai, Joseph Kapelushnik, Ilana Nathan, Hanoch Kashtan, Nir Wasserberg and Osnat Madhala-Givon, May 2015

Pre-screening and follow-up of childhood acute leukemia

Zelig U, Mordechai S, Shubinsky G, Sahu RK, Huleihel M, Leibovitz E, Nathan I, Kapelushnik J. Pre-screening and follow-up of childhood acute leukemia using biochemical infrared analysis of peripheral blood mononuclear cells. Biochim Biophys Acta. 2011 Sep;1810(9):827-35

Detection of Cancer Using Advanced Computerized Analysis of Infrared Spectra of Peripheral Blood

Ostrovsky E, Zelig U, Gusakova I, Ariad S, Mordechai S, Nisky I, Kapilushnik J., IEEE Trans Biomed Eng. 2013 Feb;60(2):343-53.

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