Todos Colon (TM-C1)

Cancer_TODOSColonoscopy is the current standard in Colorectal Cancer (CRC) testing. Our proprietary TM-C1 cancer test is targeting the detection of colorectal cancers at an early stage. A large percentage of patients (40% or higher) who have been recommended to undergo a colonoscopy do not get one (mainly due to discomfort and cost). Our TM-C1 test is a groundbreaking cancer test that will indicate the presence of colon cancer. As it is a blood test, it is minimally invasive and affordable. If colon cancer is detected, the physician can then determine appropriate next steps. TM-C1 is not intended to replace colonoscopies or other standard diagnostic methods. Our goal is to incorporate our TM-C1 test into the current colon cancer screening protocols in order to save lives by improving early detection.

 Latest Clinical Data

Todos Medical has collected over 1,000 clinical samples in several clinical trials for breast and other cancers at the Wolfson Medical Center (Holon, Israel), Rabin Medical Center (Petach Tikva, Israel), Ichilov Medical center (Tel Aviv, Israel) and in the Ukraine. The latest clinical trial (link to article in publication section) for Todos Medical’s colorectal cancer test included 64 patients and achieved 82% sensitivity and 91% specificy as compared to colonoscopy screening.

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