Todos Breast Screens (TM-B1, TM-B2)

BREASTS_TODOSOur breast cancer blood Test is targeting a large population of women that need to be checked regularly for breast cancer, whether that is because of a high risk group or at an age that women are routinely screened. Usually all women above 40 years old undergo a breast testing. The recommended testing protocol using Mammography and Ultrasound have their limitations and discomfort. Our proprietary TM-B1 cancer test will support current cancer diagnostic protocols in their weak points (like dense breast tissue and young woman) and give a simple and low-cost solution for early detection. Our proprietary TM-B2 cancer screen will allow health care providers to distinguish between benign and malignant breast tumors.

Latest Clinical Data

Todos Medical has collected over 1,000 clinical samples in several clinical trials for breast and other cancers at the Wolfson Medical Center (Holon, Israel), Rabin Medical Center (Petach Tikva, Israel), Ichilov Medical center (Tel Aviv, Israel) and in the Ukraine. The latest clinical trial (link to article in publication section) for Todos Medical’s breast cancer test included 59 patients and achieved 93% sensitivity and 87% specificity as compared to routine mammography screening.


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