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TODOS Medical introduces a simple and reliable novel approach for cancer detection.

TBIA* detection method reiles on the fact that cancer influences the body's immune system and triggers biochemical changes in the PBMC**.

The biochemical changes of the PBMC are detected very sensitive mid infrared equipment called FTIR***.

The FTIR results go through some sophisticated signal processing to detect if the PBMC has the typical biochemical indications for the existence of cancer.

TBIA is using only a 3cc of blood sample.

TBIA has a high sensitivity and high specificity; it is a fast, low cost process designed to test a large population. TBIA has been tested on many types of cancer such as: Breast, Lung, Gastro-intestinal and Gynaecological cancers.

*TBIA: Total Biochemistry Infrared Analysis.
**PBMC: Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells.
***FTIR: Fourier Transform Infrared.